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History and Present

St Jude's Laundry was founded by Capability Scotland in 1963 and is now part of Forth Sector.

St Jude’s offer a bespoke, hand finished commercial laundry service, providing excellent attention to detail.

We operate from a purpose built state-of-the-art laundry at Duddingston and are the only industrial laundry in Edinburgh, located only 15 minutes from the City centre. 

Our laundry equipment is energy efficient and has reduced the use of water and detergents whilst maintaining the highest standards of cleaning and laundry efficiency. We also use biodegradable detergents. With careful planning of delivery routes we ensure that our vehicles are as fuel efficient as possible. We also recycle all of our cardboard, food and plastic waste.

St Jude’s Laundry have held a Royal Warrant for over 25 years as launderer to Her Majesty the Queen, which means that your items will be laundered in the same way as those from the Royal household. Whether you are a 5-star hotel, Michelin starred restaurant or a youth hostel, we will work to your timeline, whatever you require and whenever you need it.  We would be delighted to discuss with you a service that’s tailored to you.

Our laundry is staffed by individuals with mental health, physical or learning disabilities.  By using our services you will be supporting local people with disabilities whilst aiding your company in achieving Corporate Social Responsibility compliance.

Everyone at St Jude’s Laundry adds to our forward momentum, creating a vibrant and professional working environment. The bench mark is excellence and our team is full of lives improved by simply being given an opportunity to shine.  If you are a St Jude's Laundry customer you will not only be getting a first-rate service, you will also be helping local people find meaningful employment.