Forth Sector Development

We are experts by experience gained from operating competitive businesses and providing charitable services for more than twenty years. We share our experience with Europe, local and national government, the private sector, social enterprises and third sector organisations to help improve business effectiveness and demonstrate social impact. We are leaders in thinking and practice in the fields of procurement, community benefit, social impact, organisational transformation and employability. For these reasons, our professional consultancy services, advice and support are sought nationally and internationally

Our services include:

  • Procurement support to the Public and Private Sector.
  • Procurement support including tender writing support to the Third Sector.
  • Development of policy in the field of social enterprise.
  • Support in the development of employability programmes.
  • Best advice, training and support in Impact Measurement
  • Business coaching and mentoring in a wide range of business skills.

FSD training courses

Measure and maximise your Social Impact
If you are interested in measuring and maximising your Social Impact, then please get in touch.  Our consultants at FSD can advise on the methods available, how to define outcomes and stakeholders, and ultimately guide you to perhaps the most suitable method for you to get started on measuring your business’, enterprise or organisations social impact.

Social Impact Scotland occasionally runs seminars on introducing Social Impact measurement and outlining some of the key approaches and methodologies. The seminar will answer the following questions:

• What is Social Impact?
• Why does understanding the impact of your organisation’s activities matter?
• What are some of the key methodologies and how do they work?
• How do we identify our stakeholders and understand our outcomes?
• How does this fit with reporting you are doing already?
• Getting started

Social Media
Forth Sector Development provides this new course for SME and social enterprise start ups.  Social Media is here to stay and careful consideration on why and how you use certain new digital media to communicate your business can be difficult to understand – or might seem questionable in what you may get by return of your efforts in maintaining a Social Media presence. The course covers:

  • What is Social Media and how can I use it?
  • Building an online community on Facebook and Twitter

Both seminars last for half a day, and are held at Duddingston Yards. Venue: Forth Sector, Duddingston Yards, Duddingston Park South,  Edinburgh. EH15 3NT.

Cost: £50.00 per person plus VAT. Organisations will be invoiced after the seminar. If you are interested on either of these seminars or have any questions, please email

For more information visit our website. 


Forth Sector | Registered in Scotland as a Scottish Charity No: SCO16414, registered office Duddingston Yards, Edinburgh EH15 3NT

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